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  1. The way to solve:export from PFPX-import into Littlenavmap-export from Littlenavmap and then succeed.
  2. I think the reason of the problem is the file of PFPX exports too old that it doesn't support the .fms of v11.But why I can use it in ZIBO and ToLiss easily but A300 can't.All in all,I hope the problem can die in the future version:(
  3. My route is NAKHA R474 WUY R343 LLC.If you ask why I don't use the Littlenavmap to export,that's hard to say. In China and Chinese airspace,there are too many routes doesn't show in the AIP because of the coordinate. So I try to write the data in the PFPX,then export it,and put the .fms to the aircraft.
  4. How can I put the .fms from PFPX to the A300? I try a lot of routes to solve the problems but stills no way to solve. I can import another .fms to the A300,the file exports from another website.That was successful. Here is a .fms exports from PFPX,please have a look and help me solve that.Thanks a lot!!! VVNBZGHA01.fms
  5. Hello administrators´╝ü I have some advices about the A300. I want to click the MCDU to the large size,then just use the keyboard,enter the letters to MCDU. It as ToLiss,can enter faster than now. Thanks~ Your customer, Rainysun.
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