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  1. Great to see you're still supporting x-plane with the latest v1.3. Made an already fantastic airport even better! Hope to see more projects from you in the future. Great job guys!
  2. This really would be a great enhancement for the product especially now with the A310. Popping the FMS out and having to click either back on the FMS or closing it by the top left button is frustrating and sometimes difficult especially if you're busy doing something else ( eg: flying online ). Kindly allow implementation of this iniBuilds as it's so much easier to have it on a tablet and adds greatly to the immersion.
  3. I agree. I have the A300 but to be honest I won't be purchasing any further products from iniBuilds until WebFMC is implemented. It makes a huge difference to the immersion and practicality especially when flying online.
  4. I deleted xEurope some time ago for the same reason. Buildings and trees popping up everywhere ( on runways, trees on taxiways etc ). Shame because it's a good add-on apart from that.
  5. Apologies, entirely my fault. I had Autogate de-selected in xOrganizer. Everything's working nicely now!
  6. Hi. None of the visual docking guidance signs are working for me. I've got SAM installed. Probably something I'm doing wrong but any help appreciated. Many thanks .....
  7. Amazing job guys. Looking forward to more in the future.
  8. That's strange. I've got trees in front of the Boeing hangar as well but only 5 of them.! ( I can't submit a screenshot because it says I've used up my upload allowance & I don't know how to resolve that )
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