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  1. Sorry, wrong branch - should‘ve gone to the A310 support sub-forum
  2. As VATSIM is now introducing half-degree waypoints for Cross The Pond, I fiddled around a bit with the possibility to enter custom waypoints into the A310 FMS. I came across some issues, however, also after referring to the original flight crew operations manual of the A310 (very interesting read, by the way …): Entering coordinate waypoints seems not to be working reliably, especially not in the N4512.3/E305.1 or similar formats. Only the ARINC 424 format seems to work, but also not in every case. Entering custom en-route waypoints, e.g. SUGOL/10, does not place the new waypoint on the original course, but instead 10 nm somehow offset of SUGOL at an angle. I tried to define new waypoints via the REF page, but I did not suceed in entering LAT/LONG, instead always get a format error. Even worse, all flight deck screens black out when I try to look at a custom waypoint previously introduced via the flight plan page. Am I doing something wrong here, or are these just limitations of the FMS system in the ini A310? Is there any other ‚proper‘ way to insert half-degree waypoints into the FMS, except from importing them e.g. with the SimBrief flight plan? Thanks a lot for any help! I‘d really love to do Cross The Pond with the A310 this year!
  3. Besides that: Absolutely stunning scenery!! Thanks a lot for that great contribution.
  4. Hi, I hate to be the first one here, but I think there's a tiny glitch in the graphics of your EGKK scenery ... When you look at the passenger bridge that connects the terminals at night, you still see daylight textures through it. Would be great if you could have a look at that!
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