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  1. Is there any pilot in this plane? It is not the time for me to get a nervous breakdown, Sir! We are on final... But no hydraulics anymore! No matter my friend, A310 is coming to save our souls!
  2. Sir...When can I have the honor of flying this ... magic aircraft ? Nice job !
  3. Hi everyone ! I know IniSimulations since I've bought A300 in december 2020. It takes now around 2 years I know XPlane ! So I'm not an "old timer aircraft simulator player" as most of you ! But just like you, I love to fly really big aircraft and when it is so close to realism as A300, wow ! The more complicated the better it is ! ( Sometimes my girlfriend tells me that it would be better for me to get married with my computer ! ahaha ! ) Actually, A300 is the most successful concept in terms of modeling and simulation in XPlane. If you read all Airbus Official Manuals about A300 ( I did it ! ), except one or two things ( or much more ! ) that aren't essential because you are in a simulator, you fly an real aircraft... Now it demands hours and hours of work as you can imagine. Modeling is hard, playing is cool ! And it is time ! I've been VFX compositior ( at the end of the workflow ! ) for 2 years and I can speak about the amount of investigations and informations and the time you spend in front of your eye-catching screen to "make it real ". I say : Inisimulations, well done Sir ! Now, with the annoucement of A310 coming soon, I tell to myself : Yes ! a new "Real Aircraft" in my hangar ! but when ?? Not yet ? why ? AAAArg ! As most of you, I get a strong urge to test the newcomer in the IniFamily ! And much more ! A300 to A310, it makes sense in term of development . A380 demands time as you can understand. Of course, we would like to get the whole Airbus family by IniSimulations !! Everything is working well in the cockpit ! I appreaciate the principle of communication at IniSimulations. It makes sense : " I tell you what I'm doing and I do what I'm telling you." it's as clear as pure water ! Be patient and support the team ! May be you can use the remaining time to read the manuals !!! ;)) I think the story will last a long time !! Michel As most of you, I got in my hangar : A300-600 Inisimulations. A319/321(T). A320/350(FF). A320/330(JAD). B767(Pro)/B777(Pro). B747-8(SSG)...
  4. AFR802 - A300-600R(F) - LFPG/LFBD - Climb to FL350 overhead PG268
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