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  1. i see, well anyway deleting those textures seemed to fix the problem so if anyone has the issue then hopefully they can find this
  2. nope HDR defo is on, i have my settings at 0.9 for bright, 0 for bloom and 0.95 for saturation, if you want my full settings i can send if that might help
  3. hmm i actually disabled the texture files and that actually seemed to do that trick surprisingly although its not as bright as yours (that could be because of settings though i guess)
  4. Yep defo installed the textures correctly and just re-did to make sure; even reinstalled the scenery a few times and tried disabling a bunch of bgls and the like (restoring if they werent the cause) but could find nothing, strange
  5. In p3dV5 this is happening at RJAA, i know its not an inibuilds issue specifically (as you can see it appears with DL On and Off) but i think updating the DL download with instructions on how to remove this ground poly lighting is needed as it didnt happen in v4 but in v5 it is defo a problem and i cant figure out why (doesnt happen at any other airports and i find what file to remove but im no expert so hoping you guys can figure it out)
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