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  1. I hope we find out soon, Xplane needs it! Will be a good seller for the company also! Xplane for far to long has had under developed, old, rust, outdated aircraft " Long haul mainly" I feel people are getting sick of aircrafts not in service anymore as most people like to mimic what is going on now (which granted is limited service) A380 is not only long haul, which is very much needed in Xplane. It is also modern and heavy! That teamed with the detail "comparing to A300" is something to very much look forward to indeed. MSFS is a long way off for the avid simmer I feel
  2. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, however Reserve Runway has been turned just into a taxiway. Which in real life "tonight for example" It is a runway. Anyways of changing this and adding runway lights ?
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