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    Hi Max It appears the scenery file that was affecting grass textures Cone shape ...and Runway problem etc was a feeware add on for Wellington NZ So far that's what I have determined so far nothing else has been a problem.. also this cone shape appearance of grass was no just isolated to this very nice Queenstown Scenery but to other areas And all seems spot on now. Thanks
  2. Cliff


    Hi No this does not happen with other 3rd party addons.. I have since deleted and reinstalled MSFS 2020 and now there is no issue at NZQN.. anymore.. so I will begin to install areas one by one and check... Regards Cliff Tait
  3. Cliff


    Could it be a recent windows update
  4. Cliff


    So it is not NZ Mesh from ORBX that creates the problem... I have deleted all and it is still an issue Cliff
  5. Cliff


    Thanks I have now deleted Asobo default and removed this scenery and find there is a still a problem I will now dis able ORBX NZ mesh and test.. thanks
  6. Cliff


    Very nice looking scenery for MSFS 2020 Marketplace/Store purchase but for some reason all my grass textures are now cone shape no definition and runway became like a BMX track.. bumpy as hell Any ideas or thoughts why thanks
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