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  1. Hi thanks for your answer. I mean the callouts for landing but although you wrote "we've not featured them" finally I get the callouts I need for Landing. I didn't get the answer for approach glide (with glideslope engaged) I need to push to yoke unless I would find my self touch on the middle of the threshold. Thanks for the support if u have an idea for my second issue Dilen 1959
  2. Hi there, I am not get a callout instructions for landing 100' 50'... and retard. can some tell me what I need to do to get it? bacause it hard to get a perfect land. A nother issue I have, the plane didn't glide to threshold and I need to push the yoke down and at the end I touch far away from the aim zone. Thanks Dylen
  3. Hi I made a mistake, I am apologise but I didn't find the manual user guid can u help or u don't have that kind od document/ Thanks Dylen
  4. Hi I found the manual sorry for that, thanks. Dylen
  5. Hi sorry for the delay, but there is no Documentation in thr root file.
  6. Hi there. just purchased the 'Beluge' and I looking for documentation for this plane, there is no documentation in the aircraft folder can someone help to get this if it exsit somewhere? Thanks Dylen
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