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  1. Another observation I have made is that the AI aircraft and ground vehicles etc drop to a very low quality just prior to the CTD.
  2. The point of the CTD (white dot). Track of aircraft (blue dotted line)
  3. Thanks Max, to clarify the issue is when heading towards the terminal from west to east, it occurs after landing and vacating 26L and then turning east and following the taxiway back to the terminal/apron. It does not occur if taking off on 26L.
  4. I have no idea how to do that? The fault seems easily reproduced i.e. it’s not random / intermittent and I assume it would be the same on any other XBSX. Taxi along the main taxiway from the end of 26L towards the terminal. It has a CTD just before reaching the main terminal area or apron. There is also a lot of “scenery pop” just before the CTD, from the ground clutter.
  5. I am having issues with the EGKK scenery on Xbox series X. Upon landing on 26L and exiting the runway, when taxing and approaching the terminal area (still on the main taxiway) I am experiencing a CTD. I have tried a few times and get the same issue each time. Any help appreciated, thanks. Aircraft A320, Live Weather & Traffic, No ground aircraft. Issue occurs immediately after start or after a flight.
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