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  1. Came back to this, been diverted by medical problem, and like others, found the Fuel selector...for some reason mixed it up with the rotary switch on the front panel, Yes it started and I did on poor landing and a much better landing after the go around.....VERY HAPPY with it, and thanks for everyone's help
  2. I've not been able to start it manually either, it just keeps turning but not catching, I do have fuel in it. Should I turn off the 'auto engine start 'in X- plane 11?
  3. Hi Bulldog Pilot, Any update on how this bug fix is progressing? Tks in advance
  4. Hi Guys, No worries, I'm a patient person, but did have a fit when I could'nt find my post, lol. As long as it's not me going insane in my old age Thanks Dave
  5. I've bought the Pup, for x plane 11, but have a problem. I set it up with engine running ticked in x-plane, and then found the chocks still on at the end of the chosen runway. The engine was running , brilliant Came out of the game to google how to fix the problem. Read the handbook, nothing there about removing the chocks. Realised it was B, restarted X plane, Still ticked engine running, engine dies as soon as the aircraft loads. I have : Set up with a default aircraft and flown it, cancelled, set up a change of plane to bring in the Pup, the Pup engine dies. C
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