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  1. Hi Max, thanks for the quick response, it's much appreciated. I checked this and noted that the A320NX was not completely at the end of the stop bar, but discounted that as bringing the aircraft further foward would have made the docking worse with the airbridge going through the wing. I'm not sure if MSFS still used AFCADs but would the spawn spot be related to the scenery in this case or MSFS? Cheers Terry
  2. Loaded my A320NX on stand 112 at your excellent EGKK rendition for MSFS. Unfortunately once I requested the airbridge to connect this happened. Any advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks Terry
  3. Much appreciated Delta. Have a great day. Cheers Terry
  4. I must firstly congratulate you on this wonderful rendition of my local airport (EGKK). The textures really bring the place to life. One minor query however is the absence of WIG WAGs to indicate an active runway. Are there any plans to implement these in a later version? Many Thanks Terry
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