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  1. EDIT: Okey, he has it fixed already with an update. I apologise for being a bit rude, but now, you can atleast provide your customers that might run into the same issue, to update the Season Pack to version 6.08.
  2. Okey, lets try again. Sorry for my (intentional) harsh answer first, but i am fed up with fixing issues with payware AddOns that are not "on my end". I just had a similar experience a few days ago and also before that... Sorry, my vent hit you today! But Okey, lets get it to a more "charming" level now. - I have the latest MSFS version with EVERY update/hotfix installed and everything updated in content manager, not pirated at all! - Yes, EGKK works with an empty community folder Even if i told myself not to do that again, i now invested hours to search for a fix to get EGKK running as it should, and locate the conflicting AddOn with your product: It is the widely used "Bijan 4 Seasons pack" (https://secure.simmarket.com/bijan-habashi-4-season-pack_free-lod-for-msfs-(de_14312).phtml) I will contact him and ask him to have a look at a fix. Or maybe you have an idea to fix it on your end, because EGKK is the only payware addon, out of dozens of others i have, that is interferring with it.
  3. Ah yeah, here we go, the usual "MSFS Support Cheat sheet".... - "The issue is on your end" - "Clean your community folder, clean your house, clean yourself" - "What version of MSFS do you use?" (as if we can choose.... ) However, i fixed YOUR issue. You should just NOT use the default name for the ModelLib, thats it... How long do we know about the issues and why Payware devs are still too lazy to rename ONE SINGLE FILE? Idk... but here you go. Guess you need some beta-testers for future releases? Well, here i am. But i guess my chances just shrank drastically now...
  4. I meanwhile tried to delete the content.xml and scenery indexes. Still no luck. I hope for fast help... Thanks.
  5. Hey guys! I bought EGKK today for MSFS and when trying to load in at the airport, MSFS gets stuck about in the middle of the blue loading bar. I tried to reinstall, uninstalled ORBX London City and still, no luck... What can we do here? Thanks
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