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  1. Removing the ground traffic seems to have fixed it! Thank you so much Dean
  2. Also can I just say that when the scenery works it’s stunning :) one of my favourites
  3. Okay, thank you, I will try the above. I did already try number 2 and that didnt work, but i will give the other 2 a go. On number 1 when you say try running gatwick at a lower texture resolution, do I just do this in the general settings for xplane? Sorry if it sounds stupid, im not as technically minded as I used to be Thanks Dean
  4. Hi, I purchased the Gatwick scenery on the 18th July, and all was working fine with it until the last couple of days. Yesterday my sim crashed 6 out of 8 times, and after a few worked out that this was connected to my Gatwick scenery after looking in the logs which are attached, I then removed this from my custom scenery folder and I successfully completed a flight without a crash, then added it again and as expected it crashed. I also then removed it again with no crashes, and also today the sim hasnt crashed without gatwick there. I can understand why this is, as I've completed several flights with this scenery before without any issues and was wondering if you could offer any support? I have attatched 4 logs, of which is when the sim crashed, i can only see a couple of them mention Gatwick but it still seems that this is what is causing the problem. Thanks Dean Log0.txt Log1.txt Log2.txt Log3.txt
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