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  1. The answer you need was in the link. Along with a method to contact support. Click the link and you will be able to link your account and get access.
  2. Sim, I just downloaded and unzipped the file with the stock windows uzip, and 7zip and didn't have that issue, what did you use to unzip it? I'm not sure what files are XORG ones since I don't use it. I'd try redownloading it and use 7zip perhaps
  3. Well, once again you guys aim for the fences, and Once again, you guys knock it right outta the park, I can see our IniVA hanger is going to grow again! Looking forward to having the 310 enter the fleet!
  4. been reading through the thread as an outsider and I had a thought occur to me, I'm sure you have probably thought of it but on the off chance, do you have any sort of LUA script running? Given that others have stated that the scenery works better, but doesn't for you, it's making me think its not the actual scenery, but something outside of it, that affects it. Just for a random thought, remove*(key word, don't turn them off, remove them from the folder) any plug in that messing with visuals and check it. Used to find that was the cause of a lot of scenery issues for folks, specific Fly
  5. Man the flurry of planes from you guys is great, I can see the logic flow since the 300/310/ST are in the same line, and it makes sense. Hopefully at some point you guys will open up some beta slots! I'm probably the one person out who thinks this makes sense and you can get the A380 as you can. One positive from this is that the things you learn with the 300/310 can translate into the 380, making it better. Either way, it works! Now, off to IniVA I go to set up more liveries heh Keep up the great work and interaction
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