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  1. Wondering if the A300 is accurately modelling the climb and cruise AOA. Climbing to FL320 and at roughly 28,000’. The ADI is reading 0 degrees level but the aircraft is climbing at 825’ PM. Looking at the exterior view of the aircraft clearly looks like it’s flying level or a tad nose down In the climb Also cruises at 0 degrees at TOC on the ADI. I did find out that Airbus did design their ACF to cruise quite a bit more level than Boeing ACF. But this seems a bit much no? Still an awesome payware aircraft. And use of VHF com 2 would be nice too. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for both replies. I should've researched this aircraft before asking stupid questions. Quite interesting that this aircraft doesn't need outboard ailerons. It's almost like the 727 where the outboard ailerons are locked when the aircraft is in the 'clean' configuration. Maybe this is another dumb question but is there no indication on the engine panel when reverse thrust is in operation? I'm always looking for some warning lights to tell you that reverse thrust is activated. Again, what an interesting and challenging plane to fly. The graphics too are amazing.
  3. Hello inibuilds team. Absolutely love this aircraft! I’m wondering if in the near future the ailerons will be moving with the roll of the aircraft. Also it seems the ADF frequencies have a mind of their own. Can’t tune ground transmitter. Another little detail that would be nice to see is the storm switch actually light up the overhead panel. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work on this aircraft. The engine sounds are mind blowing! Overall I’m extremely happy with this product. Veteran Flyjsim 727 and Rotate MD80 simmered
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