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  1. Max, Here's another log file after running the PMDG Ops center as administrator. These liveries just don't work. Can you please send me a clean Southwest Airlines liveries with no bugs that will upload and work with the PMDG NGXu 737-70 and -800? Thank you application_log.txt
  2. Max. OK here is the latest attached log file for you to check into.. Thanks for helping out JOhn application_log.txt
  3. Ok, tried to copy/paste your link and it still did not work. I have attached two files....came up with this error message...."1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 7.81MB, and was skipped..." trying to get some PMDG 737NGXu liveries on my plane....please advise John
  4. Nope, ran as admin and still gives me the same error message....any advice on where to go from here? John
  5. I am unable to import .ptp liveries for the NGXu. After running the pop-up error message says "ptp installation is complete. 0 liveries installed. 1 liveries failed to install". I am trying to import from an exterior .ptp file from INI Builds. Any solutions? John
  6. Max, No one has got back tom from INI Builds on creating an American Airlines A320SL livery. I emailed a request thru the INI website that I would pay for. Please, can you give me an update? John
  7. I understand I guess that AA does not fly A-320SL version of the airbus. I purchased the new A-320SL version from FSlabs and would like to have an A-320SL version to fly for my AA VA. Anyone interested in creating a repaint of this version of American Airlines? Thanks, John
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