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DA20 C1


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Unfortunately I am not familiar with the DA20 C1 but with the Rotax version. However some comments to the DA20 C1:

The trim indicator at the front panel has no function and I could not find a delicate trim knob other then assigning electrical trim at my HW controls.

The DA20 (and the C1) has no nose gear steering (no connection to the rudder pedals). Therefore rudder pedals have no function when taxiing. Taxi control is via breaks. SimSolutions DA20 C1 seam to have nose gear steering controls! In my view the rudder pedal sensitivity is to high, but this can be fixed within the sim/FSUIPC.

The DA20 C1 v1.0.2 has now reasonable flaps drag. But the flaps position indicter are a bit difficult to read.

The engine instruments need also a closer look and the ignition check has no “function”.

Is there a stall warning (Vso 34 KIAS)?

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