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  1. (OUTDATED) Air France Livery for Inibuilds A300-600

    This livery is outdated due to how the new V2 mananges textures, will likely update soon.
    Original Desc: This an Air France livery for the Inibuilds A300, I will fix some issues later.


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  2. (OUTDATED) A300B Livery For A300-600 (F-BUAD)

    This is now outdated due to the new A300 V2 being released, I had originally created this livery because there was no official A300B for it but now that has changed with a proper one for the V2 on the forum, which you can download here on this very site if you own the aircraft.
    it is leagues better than mine, the original file for this livery is gone due to the V1 crack issue. if you Have any questions please private message me.
    Original desc:
    This is a livery for the A300-600 by inbuilds, it is the A300B livery put onto a A300-600. Please direct message me if there is any inaccuracies and I'll see if I can fix it. 


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  3. Fictional Qatar "Doha" Livery for ini A310

    I created this to see how well it would work if you had decals on one side and different decals on the other side. It went from a little experiment to the livery that is here now. I am planning on adding textures for the PW engines and having cabin textures for it in a future update. 
    PS: The triangles may look finicky, I have tried to fix it as much as I can with the current skills I have.


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  4. European Beluga Livery

    This was originally going to be a artistic livery with fancy art on it but I decided to shift towards having it be European Inspired. It is in the colors of the European Union's flag and has a custom reg and selcal code, with the selcal code referencing someone (I'll give you hint, the selcal is the first two letters of a first and last name). I may update it later on to have European recolors of the cargo pieces. 


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  5. NASA/ISS Livery for BelugaST

    I made this livery for the Space Station Cargo Payload, this my first and I hope you enjoy! Leave suggestions or comments below for this livery, I am willing to add something if I think it looks cool!


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