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Origami Scottish Aviation Bulldog Released!

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Hello all!

I am really pleased to announce that the Origami Scottish Aviation Bulldog is exclusively available for purchase on the iniBuilds Store for £24.99; a collaboration between Origami Studios and SimToolkitPro

The Scottish Aviation Bulldog was designed as a basic trainer with initial service destined for the Swedish Air Force. The aircraft later picked up as a mass order for the British Royal Air Force, with over 130 seeing service. The Bulldog is a formidable aerobatic machine, powered by a fuel-injected Lycoming powerplant.

This is a fantastic little bird that is a must-have for your GA hangar in X-Plane 11!

You can purchase the aircraft here and check out the extensive feature list below: inib.uk/OrigamiBulldog

Flight Model

  • Flight model tested by multiple real-world Bulldog pilots
  • Faithful representation of a Lycoming IO-360 engine with inverted oil systems
  • Flight characteristic and performance derived from real-world data
  • Extensive flight-handling testing against aerobatic maneuvers

Menu System

  • Realstate: Persistence for specific functions of the aircraft including tachometer and and panel lighting customisation
  • Normal checklists
  • Fuel/Payload manager
  • Ground Equipment: Ground chocks, pitot covers and canopy covers. Ground equipment can affect aircraft functionality

Visual Environment

  • Faithful recreation of the 104 and 121 export models featuring handcrafted visuals
  • Priority panel textures. So you get the highest resolution no matter the scenario.
  • Every surface is made utilizing PBR. See accurate reflections, bumps, roughness on the surface of the aircraft
  • HDR dynamic lighting
  • Ice accumulation simulated on specific surfaces.
  • Grabbable control surfaces
  • Highly interactive cockpit featuring moving seats, moving canopy and movable air vents

Additional Features

  • Quick Manual including checklists
  • Paintkit for both Photoshop and Substance Painter
  • FMOD Soundpack
  • Representation of a classic Benedix King radio stack
  • Custom G-Force Meter
  • Persistent Tachometer
  • Functioning circuit breakers
  • Faithful steam gauge panel recreation
  • A plethora of excellent liveries
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Ubaid Mussa
CEO | iniBuilds

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