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Captain Sim 767-300ER Livery Updates

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Hi all,

On April 27th, 2020 Captain Sim released their 767-300ER. Here at iniBuilds, we have been creating a wide variety of liveries for this add-on. Initially Captain Sim released the Boeing 767-3P6(ER). This variant of the 767-300ER has a few extra doors and is not used by many current operators of the 767-300ER.

An impending update for the Captain Sim 767-300ER is on the horizon which will include the Boeing 767-322\332(ER). This variant of the 767-300ER is widely used by operators today, such as United and Delta airlines. We will be updating all current liveries on our website to support their appropriate variant.

Here is a seek peak of what is to come: 2020-6-18_19-0-37-13.thumb.png.ba1edcc9e5882ac459c8439dbcf8ed7f.png

Hunter R 
Moderator | iniBuilds

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