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FMS issue regarding custom waypoints in A310


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As VATSIM is now introducing half-degree waypoints for Cross The Pond, I fiddled around a bit with the possibility to enter custom waypoints into the A310 FMS. I came across some issues, however, also after referring to the original flight crew operations manual of the A310 (very interesting read, by the way …):

  • Entering coordinate waypoints seems not to be working reliably, especially not in the N4512.3/E305.1 or similar formats. Only the ARINC 424 format seems to work, but also not in every case.
  • Entering custom en-route waypoints, e.g. SUGOL/10, does not place the new waypoint on the original course, but instead 10 nm somehow offset of SUGOL at an angle.
  • I tried to define new waypoints via the REF page, but I did not suceed in entering LAT/LONG, instead always get a format error.
  • Even worse, all flight deck screens black out when I try to look at a custom waypoint previously introduced via the flight plan page.

Am I doing something wrong here, or are these just limitations of the FMS system in the ini A310? Is there any other ‚proper‘ way to insert half-degree waypoints into the FMS, except from importing them e.g. with the SimBrief flight plan?

Thanks a lot for any help! I‘d really love to do Cross The Pond with the A310 this year!

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Thanks for the post.

I would also highly recommend using the flight plan import function via the IDC. This will load all the waypoints into the FMS exactly as they are shown on the SB plan including on route oceanic points. You can also make custom points using the PBD function. So place bearing distance. So for example you have TNT VOR, TNT/180/20 this will make a way point on the 180 radial 20 miles from TNT called PBD01. Or in the case here SUGOL/the bearing you want/ the distance you want. And then it will make a PBD point. 

But using the SB importer with the IDC is the easiest way to get a large flight plan into the A310. If you don't want to use the new style radio you can toggle it on download and import the flight plan and then swap back to the classics radios. 



Linked above is a video we made to show how to get this integration working. Granted it's with the Beluga but the IDC is the same in the 310. 

kind Regards,

Lead Technical Team

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