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Shared Cockpit

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Hi new here and looking to purchase my first Inibuilds aircraft just unsure on which one A300, A310, or Beluga.

Can anyone give me any advice on the best one to choose? I'm thinking its more down to personal preference but also do any of them support shared cockpit functionality with SmartCopilot.

Thanks in advance and happy flying :D 

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Hi @Mariner Hally,

The choice is yours with regards to our entry level, With the A300 & A310 you get exclusive discounts on the other aircraft however with the Beluga you do not. The A310 is our most advanced aircraft and comes with 5 variants and at some point all of the aircraft will be brought up to the standard of the A310. With regards to shared cockpit this is not something we are currently looking into developing in house but this might be made by a 3rd party.



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