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New exclusions for P3D V5 are online!

Kevin B

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4 hours ago, BADAWIAVGEEK said:

Hey @Kevin B,

Can you consider working on BDOAviation OEJN elevation issues?

Thanks for your hard work!

Kind Regards,


i did the exclusion and i saw the runway bleeding problem trying to see how to fix it it was my first Exclusion and i didnt notice... 

and on the other scenery i did havent had this bleed problem sorry http://prntscr.com/zd8a4c

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Hey @Kevin B, Is there a chance of getting the DYnamic Lig of Tropical Sim - SAEZ (P3DV4.5), it was working fine for me untill i change all the PC, and forgot to backup, lol

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Forgot an important detaill
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Hello Ale2000, At the moment we do not have the solution .. sorry

1 hour ago, Ale2000 said:

Salut Kevin, Tks pour les dernières mises à jour, sur LFBO, malheureusement, je n'ai pas du tout de feux de piste, une solution à ce problème à votre connaissance?



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On 11/28/2020 at 6:51 PM, PietVDW said:

Hii all,

Doe anyone has the fix for prepar3D ->Tropical Sim LATI   TIRANA ?

It would be a great help



On 2/12/2021 at 1:37 PM, Chatefucio said:

Great, thanks! 
Btw, I added your LATI v5 bgl into its scenery folder, but today at arrival, the runway was still sunk aprx 3m under the surface... Refreshing (rebuilding) scenery library resolved it afterwards... Do you maybe know whats reason behind this? Simmilar thing happens to Jennasof's gatwick, but the developer couldnt find the solution to that. So what happens is that surrounding grass/sand texture is lifted up for 2-3 m, around RWY and all taxiways, appron. Refresing scenery library resolves it... What do you suspect?


On 12/27/2020 at 1:27 PM, Andrew35 said:


Thanks for your great work however I still have issues with Tirana in v5.1, attaching screenshot.

I put .bgl file in LATI2020/scenery folder, hmm do you have any idea ? Thanks 🙂





hello all three of you.

I also had the above issue as you guys.  The way to get around if is to when you fly into Tirana.  Make Sure 0602 Scenery layer is not active.

I did it with lorbi Addon Organsider as shown 

hope this helps



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