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Development Update #13 - A310 Galore!

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On 5/8/2021 at 12:45 AM, Camille MOUCHEL said:

i need the A310 before the A320/321 sharklet haha

Lots of awesome things going on ah! 🙂

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Ubaid Mussa
CEO | iniBuilds

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I am so looking forward for the release. Any news about the A380? Also looking very great, so I am looking forward for some long hauls with A380! Any chance iniBuilds would make some other Airbus widebody as for example A330? 
Thanks, and stay well!

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  • Sam unfeatured this topic
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On 4/21/2021 at 12:22 AM, Ubaid said:

Hello all,

I hope you are well! 

Last month we were really pleased to release our fantastic BelugaST add-on for X-Plane 11!

This has been really well received and we thank you for all the support with this product. We note that people really enjoyed the different variations of the cargo available to them. As a result, we are creating 4 brand-new handcrafted pieces of cargo for people to enjoy! We expect these to be ready in the next few weeks...

We notified our customers that the creator of the famous pushback addon; BetterPushback was supporting us in implementing a new towbar that would work correctly with the Beluga. Our side of the work has been with them since the 28th of February and they mentioned that they were quite busy in early March and would get to it soon. We have followed up and not got a response. We hope to be able to update our customers soon, that this has been updated and is now working well with our BelugaST aircraft. We totally appreciate they are super busy, and we feel it's important to update our customers on this point and where things are sitting! Fingers crossed! 🤞

iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE

Since the release of the Beluga on March 6th, the team have been working on the iniSimulations A310-300 at a great pace. 

In January we showcased some exterior shots. In this update, I am pleased to reveal more about the systems and features of this product. 

This product will consist of the following variants:

A310-300 Freighter - PW & GE
A310-300 Passenger - PW & GE
A310-300 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) - GE
A310-300 Medevac - GE
A310-300 ACJ (Business Jet configuration) - GE [Pictures not included in this development update - more info on this to come soon]

Each variant will have a hand-crafted interior for the utmost realistic experience. You can check out the latest images from each model below!

The PW engine in the pictures below is a brand new model.

We decided to increase the scope of this project as mentioned in previous updates to really thank the community for their support with our flagship iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE product.

iniSimulations A310-300 Freighter

inisim-a310-preview-exterior (1).png

inisim-a310-preview-exterior (2).png

iniSimulations A310-300 Passenger

inisim-a310-preview-exterior (3).png

inisim-a310-preview-exterior (4).png

inisim-a310-preview-exterior (6).png

inisim-a310-preview-di (2).png



iniSimulations A310-300 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport)

inisim-a310-preview-mrtt-int (2).png

inisim-a310-preview-mrtt-int (8).png

inisim-a310-preview-mrtt-int (3).png

inisim-a310-preview-mrtt-int (5).png

inisim-a310-preview-mrtt-int (1).png

iniSimulations A310-300 Medevac

inisim-a310-preview-corpse-medivac (2).png

inisim-a310-preview-corpse-medivac (6).png

inisim-a310-preview-corpse-medivac (1).png

As you can see from the images above, the modelling side of the project has been progressing extremely well! We are nearly complete, and the team are now finalizing interiors and preparing the aircraft for painting by our talented iniSimulations Painting Team. Please note some items in these images are still a work in progress and do not represent the final product. 

Systems Update

inisim-a310-preview-isis (2).png

As with all of our projects going forward, this aircraft will be utilizing the Experimental Flight Model in X-Plane 11. In addition, each system within the aircraft has been renewed and improved upon from the A300. Not only adding unique elements but improving the system in general. Furthermore customers will be able to make use of the comprehensive failures package that will be included in this aircraft and consequently will be available in the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE.

In addition to this, we have fleshed out the IDC/RMP unit allowing users to toggle, live in sim, between a more modern pedestal configuration (found in the Beluga) and a more classic version that you can see in our A300. 

Not only will customers be able to use the IDC, but this version has a whole host of new ACARS/CPDLC features.

inisim-a310-preview-isis (1).png

The A310-300 being a true long-hauler, we felt it was key to include this feature in this product to take your flying experience to the next stage.

inisim-a310-preview-isis (3).png

You can also print relevant information, in the printer available on the pedestal which then becomes available on the MCU for easy viewing from the cockpit seat - more information on this coming soon. 

We are now preparing to complete the final systems before we enter an extensive beta-testing period. There have been hundreds of new changes and improvements into this product and we want to ensure that on release you have the best experience possible.

As mentioned in Development Update 9: 'This product will be a standalone product from the A300 with a 35% off discount for our A300 customers.'

Thank you for your time in reading this, and we hope to update you next on this, as we prepare for release. 

Please do leave your comments below as we would to interact, take feedback and respond to any queries you may have.

Kind Regards,

Will the MRTT have working fuel panel for refueling other planes? Looking forward to release of A310!

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I  have gotten acquainted well with the systems in the A300-600. Now I'm waiting, what's new in the 310- version, and ofc. the increased hauling capacity. I'll be waiting... 

Btw; the A300-600 is by far the best addon in XP11 up to date. ✈️🤩👍

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19 hours ago, Henri65 said:

I  have gotten acquainted well with the systems in the A300-600. Now I'm waiting, what's new in the 310- version, and ofc. the increased hauling capacity. I'll be waiting... 

Btw; the A300-600 is by far the best addon in XP11 up to date. ✈️🤩👍

Lots of exciting and new features! 

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Ubaid Mussa
CEO | iniBuilds

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Saw the teaser video and this A310 is looking amazing.  Will be a day 1 purchase and will add to my A300/ST collection. 

Now listen, a simmers don't let simmers left out of complete experience! Let the light shine on A330 to complete the set!


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On 6/24/2021 at 5:27 AM, Flight Simmer said:

Let the light shine on A330 to complete the set!

Yes, why not… The new A330-900NEO version would be nice, since the A350 XWB is already on the market.

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Yes, I also think the A330-900NEO, is best fit.. and yes the A300-600 is the most advance and unique aircraft in X-Plane, I don't think anything else compares.. it is what I fly every time I fly.. LOVE IT!!!! please do consider the A330-900NEO!

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