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No tugs available

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Hi. Loving the airport. Whenever I call for pushback though, I get told no tug is available and I might consider trying a bigger airport. I only fly in VR and Better Pushback is not working quite right in VR just now so I have to hop in and out of VR to get it working. OK. Not the biggest issue in the world and Better Pushback can still be used with a bit of 2D screen time but be nice to have the default tug when I can’t be doing with the faff. If it’s a straightforward fix though......
Always the possibility that I’m doing something wrong or have to configure SAM or some such.



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Most likely because no pushback vehicle was placed (considering most people use betterpushback, perhaps an afterthought on my part)

Anyway, I'll have a look at this. A temporary solution might to edit in WED and place a single tug somewhere in the airport.

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