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Bulldog Altimeter incorrect pressure setting

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I've just purchased the Bulldog and like it, but I have came across a problem that initially I noticed when flying on VATSIM, but happens when not on VATSIM either.

When I load up X-Plane with 'match real world weather set', The altimeter will display the correct airfield elevation, but the pressure setting defaults to 995mb.

For example at Manchester on load up of X-Plane it displayed the altitude of 257 feet and the subscale reading was 995mb when the actual pressure was 1021mb. So if I set the correct QNH of 1021mb on the subscale, the altimeter read minus 460 feet.

Is this a known bug or something that is only happening in my installation of the product?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Bulldog Altimeter.png

Bulldog Altimeter correct pressure subscale setting.png

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