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Glitch in EGKK graphics

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I hate to be the first one here, but I think there's a tiny glitch in the graphics of your EGKK scenery ... When you look at the passenger bridge that connects the terminals at night, you still see daylight textures through it. Would be great if you could have a look at that!

X-Plane Screenshot 2021.02.12 -

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12 minutes ago, deepblue_80 said:

Besides that: Absolutely stunning scenery!! Thanks a lot for that great contribution.

Hi deepblue.

Yes it's an annoying issue with something to do with the draw order of X-Plane. I thought I had solved before launch, but apparently having enhanced clouds only puts flex-tape over the issue. I will put it on my list.

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15 minutes ago, upsidedown said:

Call that a glitch?  How about seeing double yellow lines and lego land bridge.  What's happened here boss?  



It is to do with the order of your scenery_packs.ini. The line containing the Gatwick scenery must be above the global airports. Just put the line at the top of the file.


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