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A300 documentation.

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Hi all, fantastic sim, it’s not only got me flying something a little out of the ordinary but also made me realise the potential of Xplane after many years of fsx/p3d. 

My question, is there any additional reading other than the official manual? Any systems info, A300 info, things like that? 
Would like to learn more about the various systems of the machine. 


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7 hours ago, PrinceHubert said:

Hello John,

There are FCOM's available for the A300/A310 with a simple google search, we have also created a video series of our A300 going through the systems of the aircraft.

Our video series:

Kind regards,


Thanks for the link but unfortunately in many cases the SOP not followed correctly,

But totally pleasure to have this A300 and waiting for next updates,


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The problem I have -and it may be an age thing - is the amount of time that it takes to go through the videos and the lack of any index. So, if you have a specific question then you need to try and find out where that particular issue is dealt with in the videos. That takes a long time. The lack of a manual - to use as a reference if you run into an issue - is a major drawback for me.

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