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Inisimulation A300-600(F)

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I bought the airbus A300-600 (F) two hours after its release and since I bought it it gives me a lot of pleasure, I feel like I'm fly on real aircraft, it is so realistic on all points.

Just I would like to say a big thumbs up and I hope you will produce such good airplanes for us in the next few years, well done.



Since the purchase of the A300 I am impatient to buy the Airbus A380 that you are going to publish I really spend every check to see if there is a publication date or if it is available to buy it for buy in "day one ", yes I know I became a fan 😅

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Dear iniBuilds Team

I purchased the A300 a few weeks ago. The first flight left me both excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited about the fantastic systems simulations, the look of cockpit and plane, THE SOUNDS!!!! and the level of detail - which you can see from the first second in the flightdeck.

I was disappointed by the poor fps performance on my older system which handles other add-ons quite well. I sent an email to the store the same evening saying: I love the product, but it just isn´t performing on my system, can I return the purchase?

A very kind email reached me the same night - as I recall, saying: Sorry, we can´t refund digital licences, but we ask you to stick with us because we´re already working on the performance. Overall I have to say that the communication with iniBuilds is good, compared to some other big developers in the XP-market. They reply within hours.

After a seemingly never ending period of just a few weeks, the update 1.10 arrived and delivered a perfectly performing aircraft. The last time I was so fascinated about a new add-on was back in the day when the IXEG 733 was originally released. They also needed quite some time to bring it to the store but then delivered an outstanding product which was (from my point of view) second to non in flyability, looks and sounds. But don´t get me wrong - there are other add-ons of this quality of course. For me the Rotate MD80 (when it was released) and FlyJsim 727 play in the same league, along with the Toliss A319.

Now the A300 does the same for me - in 2020. The sound each and every button makes, the way it handles on the ground (Yes, there are huge differences!), the way it hand-flies, the touch and feel of the displays and manipulators. The solid feeling you get when you change entrys in the FMS 100 times without crashing the plugin.. Everything about this aircraft makes me think: so it is possible - why don´t all producers reach this standard? It is a pure joy to operate. The sound of the engine when you increase the throtthles for just a centimeter on the ground, this dark big sound - absolutely perfect. Most addons play the enginge sounds way to loud and high in the cockpit. I could go on and on about so many things I love about this A300.

Even when I couldnt fly it in the beginning for fps reasons - I spent a few hours in it on the ground playing around with the systems. There is of course always room for improvement and I have the feeling, that this teem will not be a one hit wonder who escapes after the money came in.

I had the pleasure to fly in the lufthansa training facilities level-d sims in frankfurt for a number times the last few years. Most of the times the MD11, as it is my all time fave aircraft, but also 737 classic and 744. The sounds in a desktop simulator are always way to engine-focused where as in the real aircraft of level-d sim you normally dont hear much of the engine idling on the ground at all.

What I´d love to see (caution: really minor idea/problem): A popup EFB, with an assignable button and pop-out pfd/nd displays without the window frames.

So thank you for the great work. It has been worth every cent.

Yours, Martin

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