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  1. Locked due to inactivity.
  2. As this issue has been resolved, this thread will be locked.
  3. Welcome to the iniBuilds Screenshot Competition! This is a competition between users where you can post screenshots, then the winners will be decided by the iniBuilds Team. How does it work? Take a stunning picture in your simulator, either in X-Plane, Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, or Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS). The deadline for entries will be July 27th, 2020. The winning entries will be selected shortly after the deadline. Rules: - Entries for this competition may only be submitted on this topic of the iniBuilds Forum. - A maximum of 1 picture per user. - The picture must be your own. - Images must be taken in either X-Plane, Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator X or DCS. - Images may be digitally modified. - Images submitted must be at a resolution of 1600x900 or more. - Entries cannot be reused in any future iniBuilds competitions. What makes a good entry? - Abides by the rules above. - Unique Camera Angles. - Exemplary effort into creating your image. - The image should be of good quality and not taken with bad graphical quality or on a mobile phone. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, these will consist of: 1st Place: €25 SimMarket Voucher - AleemA 2nd Place: Free Realistic or Fictional Livery Request from the iniBuilds Store - MagicAviation 3rd Place: £5 iniBuilds Store Gift Card - Fynn; Best of luck, The iniBuilds Team ---------------------- Note: By entering this giveaway, you agree to our Legal and Privacy Policies. More information regarding our giveaway policies can be found here.
  4. Hey again @Vectorflight, I was able to actually reproduce this issue by removing the reflection profile. We are going to get this livery updated as soon as possible. We will post here once it is fixed!
  5. Hi all, On April 27th, 2020 Captain Sim released their 767-300ER. Here at iniBuilds, we have been creating a wide variety of liveries for this add-on. Initially Captain Sim released the Boeing 767-3P6(ER). This variant of the 767-300ER has a few extra doors and is not used by many current operators of the 767-300ER. An impending update for the Captain Sim 767-300ER is on the horizon which will include the Boeing 767-322\332(ER). This variant of the 767-300ER is widely used by operators today, such as United and Delta airlines. We will be updating all current liveries on our website to support their appropriate variant. Here is a seek peak of what is to come:
  6. Hello @Vectorflight, We'd be glad to help you figure this out. If you are using a 3rd party shader software such as TomatoShade, it looks like you are missing a reflection profile for the Aerosoft Airbus Professional. iniBulilds has made profiles for this add-on which are available for download here: https://www.inibuilds.com/reflection-profiles. In the event that you are not using a shader software, please try changing your simulator resolution to another value from what it is set to currently. I've seen in the past that this can actually cause some liveries to look like this. As a result, the livery should look normal after changing the resolution. Let us know how this goes, we'll continue to troubleshoot this issue if it still persists. The Prepar3D setting that you'll want to change is below: Here is the livery on my end:
  7. No problem, we plan to create a page on our website dedicated to these types of profiles in the near future. Enjoy. Locked & Solved.
  8. Hey again, Here are GSX aircraft configs for the Feelthere Embraers. To install these profiles, you will need to create a folder with the appropriate aircraft name within C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\Airplanes. For example, "feelThere PIC E170". These gsx.cfg files go inside of the created folder. SODE Jetways & Cargo Loaders will line up with the appropriate aircraft doors (E170, E175, E190, E195). Please rename the file to only contain gsx.cfg. gsx - feelThere PIC E170.cfg gsx - feelThere PIC 175.cfg gsx - feelThere PIC E190.cfg gsx - feelThere PIC E195.cfg
  9. Hello, iniBuilds creates GSX Level 2 SODE profiles for Prepar3D airports, I can see how you thought this area could be for aircraft as well. I will create these GSX aircraft configs for these aircraft, then send them here in a little while. Hope this helps!
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