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  1. Sam


    Responded to via direct support ticket.
  2. Hello @D4rkness. Sorry about that! We've just pushed an update that fixes this issue. You can redownload the file here:
  3. This issue has now been resolved. The downloads section is now available.
  4. We're aware of issues accessing the downloads section of the iniBuilds Forum. This is a result of an error during a system security upgrade. Our team is working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  5. A handful of outdated/older profiles were removed during the transition. Athens is available here:
  6. Hello. Have you placed UKBB - Boryspil Intl v08_nm.bgl into the Kiev scenery folder?
  7. Unfortunately these files may remove dynamic lighting from other airports as they are shared files. Our team was unable to remove the default dynamic lighting from Leeds without removing these files. These are the only two files that need to be deleted.
  8. No worries! I will go ahead and lock this topic.
  9. Hello. ToLiss liveries can be installed into the liveries folder in the ToLiss A321 aircraft folder. For example: \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Extra Aircraft\ToLissA321_V1p2\liveries
  10. Hello Francesco. Frankfurt was removed as it was an outdated profile and the scenery itself now comes with SODE by default from the developer.
  11. This thread is for only for Prepar3D v5 Scenery Compatibility Files requets.
  12. Hello! We'll add this to our list. Please place all future requests here:
  13. Hello. Please use an archive extractor such as Winrar or 7-zip to unzip this file. This should resolve the problem.
  14. Hello, Would you be able to attach a picture of your GSX customization menu? You can view this menu by loading into the scenery at the stand that should have jetway. After that, open the GSX menu by pressing "Control + F12". Once that menu opens up, look for the very bottom option that mentions a customization menu and click it. This will open a white box, please send us a screenshot of this box. As for the dynamic lighting, have you installed our dynamic lighting effect library for Prepar3D v5?
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